How much does it cost to produce an eyewear?

To quantify the production costs of a new eyewear line, multiple factors must be taken into consideration, identifiable in the supply chain and even earlier in the definition phase of the business plan.
It is necessary to carefully plan the industrial plan underlying the collection project in order to have a reliable estimate of the production costs of an eyewear collection.
Starting from the quality level that you want to achieve, it is necessary to carefully select the suppliers suitable to support the creation of the collection, and carefully evaluate each element of choice that must guarantee the quality standard that you want to obtain: from the raw material, to the construction of the molds, to the actual eyewear.
It should also be considered that investments in equipment have an inversely proportional impact on the number of pieces of eyewear you want to produce.
These considerations therefore prevent a standard estimate of production costs of a new eyewear production project from being made.


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