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Francesco Busti - Founder and CEO Busti 
My experience in a large production company has allowed me to interpret the work thoroughly. The creative aspect is a component of the project, but the managerial activity to achieve this project, is just as important. Increasingly, the development of collections takes a long time. However, since it is an industrial project that involves the construction of equipment and investment in materials, times extend. This is also due to the fact that not only we want to ensure the presentation of the project but also the possibility to deliver the products within tight time frames.
Another relevant aspect is to find the right stylistic balance between the brand needs and those of companies, in the development of projects. For, it becomes very difficult to find a solution that strongly takes into consideration the image of the brand and the business needs of companies. Consequently, the challenge is to manage this process, which is an industrial system positioned in the fashion industry, where rules and times differ. Therefore, the skills of those who work in this sector involve the early anticipation of what the market trends would be as well as what companies needs are, focusing on a product which is distributed throughout the world.
We have begun consulting to ensure quality to the creative project that was initially based solely and exclusively on the design aspect. Our stylistic ability combined with the knowledge of technical-productive technologies, allows us the right approach to the development of the collections. We can offer the brands: advanced technical know-how, flexibility, creativity, innovation. These tools are brought together in a single interlocutor at the service of the brands. Products will have to rely on the right contents more and more. These are: style, quality and correct positioning.
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