Which difficulties does a new brand have to overcome to enter the eyewear world?

The difficulties for a new brand to enter the eyewear world are linked to the need to approach the eyewear collection project correctly, that is in a way that allows to enhance the brand-linked assets. The enhancement and respect of a brand identity are fundamental when creating a new eyewear collection.
The planning of a collection that is linked to a new brand rather than to an already established brand, is completely different. An existing brand has its ability to interpret the product in a welldefined way already recognized. Instead, a collection that is proposed to the market with a new brand must have the ability to identify itself with the value assets of its own brand and must create an immediate correspondence with it.
This concept is fundamental for a new "eyewear project" and for this reason, the expertise of specialists able to consider all the elements involved in a successful business model, is required.
For example, for an eyewear collection that includes eyeglasses, it is essential to take into due consideration the technical aspects related to this product which is aimed at solving a vision problem. Glasses with prescription lenses must have certain functional characteristics, as well as aesthetic ones; consequently, it is not possible to approach the eyewear project without the appropriate skills.


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