Research of Materials and Colors Development

Research of Materials and  Colors Development
Research into materials is a phase in the development process of an eyewear collection which requires extensive knowledge of the properties of materials, in order to be able to evaluate their behavior in all situations, and profound sensitivity and experience in the eyewear sector.

In addition to the technical knowledge of the materials, it is essential to select them according to the economic investment defined in the initial briefing phase with the customer.

The Busti team creates, with the collaboration of specialized professionals, unedited, exclusive materials that allow the entire collection to be given a strong distinctive and original element.
Research of Materials and  Colors Development
The possible compositions of a material make it possible to create colours, textures and motifs which allow for the expression of a style and a value which can be of modernity, innovation, a break with the past or, on the contrary, continuity with previous collections, interpreting an already existing style. defined and established.
In recent years there has been a strong conversion to the use of eco-sustainable materials.

The research of materials is combined with the development of colors which gives the eyewear a specific visual imprinting. Color often influences a consumer's purchase choice, so this phase is just as important as the choice of materials.
The creative concept directs the choice of colors, as the identification of the target audience and the brand image define the position of the eyewear on the market.

The choice of colors is tested on a series of prototypes which allow us to evaluate how the colors appear on the glasses and how they interact with the other elements of the design. The final choice of colors is a very important moment that requires careful evaluation.

Busti is the company that with long experience in the design and creation of collections of eyeglasses and sunglasses deals with the research phase of materials and color development with expert and competent professionals.


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