Our design office can be proud of a multiyear experienced team in the eyewear world and is constantly involved in the development of glasses collections to meet specific demands. We can provide our clients with style conceptual studies, research of materials and assistance during all phases of industrialization. This is done by carefully following the whole evolution process of our collections in order to best meet the objectives agreed with the customer.

Developing shapes, studying and defining the most suitable materials, matching everything with colour combinations to create new models, according to the requests of the individual customer: this is the core of our creative activity.

Over the years, we have become trusted partners of the most important international eyewear brands. This trust has been gained also by acting as ghost designers and always keeping the utmost discretion on our work.
Francesco Busti Founder and Ceo Busti Design
Design is the ability to transfer inputs up to the creations of an object that, in our case, is the eyewear. To do this, creative capacity and managerial skills are needed, and the commitment to create a collection project is wide-ranging.
My decades of experience in one of the big industrial groups of the sector has been fundamental for the interpretation of my work. The proximity to engineering and production has involved a great enrichment to my professionalism. 
Increasingly, the development of collections takes a long time. However, because it is an industrial project that involves the construction of equipment and investment in materials, times extend. This is also due to the fact that not only we want to ensure the presentation of the project but also the possibility to deliver the products within tight time frames. The challenge is to manage this industrial process that is positioned in the fashion industry, where rules and times differ. Therefore, the skills of those who work in this sector involve the early anticipation of what the market trends would be as well as what companies needs are, focusing on a product which is distributed throughout the world.
Hence, the action of defining together with my clients, the strategies for collection architecture becomes important, indeed fundamental. This leads to deep understanding of what must be done to succeed in achieving increasingly difficult objectives in such a competitive market. Our stylistic ability combined with the knowledge of technical-productive technologies allows us the right approach to the development of the collections.

Busti's world


We provide advanced technical know-how, innovation, flexibility and creativity. These tools are brought together in a single interlocutor to support the brand, with which we develop synergies to guarantee the final result.

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About us
About us

Thanks to Francesco Busti's decades of experience within a large production company, Busti Design & Consulting is able to interpret the work in a thorough way, in which the creative aspect is only a component of the project.

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