Watches and glasses - the path of creating a design object

A watch is more than just an instrument for measuring minutes and hours. Who produces watches not only creates objects that measure time, but also creates design and engineering objects which interpret the values ​​of a brand, they express the essence of a brand.
This mission can only be pursued through a clear and correct definition of the initial project and following a design methodology entrusted to expert professionals who know the reference market and possess the professional skills to design and finalize a design product.

From the design phase we move on to the industrialization phase for an examination of the costs and the production processes, to then continue with prototyping. The prototype if validated is followed by the production of the series/collection.

Busti is the ideal referent for the development of a new eyewear project, thanks to the presence of Division made up of professionals capable of dealing with all phases of implementation and launch of a new eyewear collection.


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