BUZZ: logo of the company and its application

Branding provides for an identity going beyond just products and services, creating something unique that customers can interact with.
The logo today is not just a graphic symbol, it is the essence of the Brand Identity. It is usually the consumer's first point of contact with the brand, and it is precisely through it that the person accesses the brand world. A bit like the name, the logo must be a distinctive visual element allowing the public to recognize it immediately.
With more and more new images and information every single day, we need simple but effective stimuli to be remembered. And that's exactly what we did in case of Buzz. 
The project was developed in different phases of study and operation, starting from the analysis of the logo, and coordinated image to get to its use on the product, the glasses. 
As the video shows, to give it an identity we played with the brand's lettering: simple but not trivial, effective but not invasive, geometric but not rigid, in one word: unique!   
The next phase was the study of the best suitable space to accommodate the logo, its representation and development. This is the final result, a refined and memorable pair of glasses. 

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 Experience in the eyewear sector
Experience in the eyewear sector

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